Norwich Seminar

The Production of Data in International Assessments, convened by Bryan Maddox at the University of East Anglia.

This seminar was held on 2nd and 3rd November 2015. Video recordings of the presentations are available on the VIDEOS tab above.

This ESRC funded seminar explored the production of data at each stage of the assessment cycle. The seminar examined insider perspectives on data production, quality assurance and international comparability and both micro and macro insights into test taking behaviour and the testing situations. These deeply technical themes were located within wider considerations of test validity, consequences and governance.

Tides, Rips, and Eerie Calm at the Confluence of Data Uses, Consequences, and Validity

Professor Bruno D. Zumbo, University of British Columbia.

Are International comparisons useful research and policy tools or just ‘lies, damned lies, and statistics?’

Matthias von Davier, Educational Testing Service.

The programme is available here: Advance Notice ESRC Seminar November 2015.

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