Lima Seminar

The Challenges of Diversity, convened by Cesar Guadalupe,  at University of the Pacific (Universidad del Pacífico), Lima.

Centro de Investigación de la Universidad del Pacífico

Supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, UK. (ESRC)

This seminar was held in Lima, 6-7 July 2015 Venue: Universidad del Pacífico.

Videos of the seminar presentations are available on the video tab above.


This seminar focused on the challenges linguistic and cultural diversity poses to educational assessments that intend to produce information that is comparable across different languages and cultures. The discussion focused on the actual experiences of multilingual Latin American countries, as well as the criteria that is used for international assessment agencies to address these issues including the most recent developments in linguistic quality assurance of test instruments.

Day Time   Session Room
6-July 08.45 Registration, welcome H304
09:15 Opening César Guadalupe
09:30 Introduction to the topic Video presentation by R K Hambleton
09:55 First open and general exchange Plenary
10:20 Break
10:50 The case of Mexico Presentation by Humberto Rivera (INEE)
11:20 Open exchange on presentation Plenary
11:50 Break (lunch)
13:30 The case of Peru Presentation by Fernando Llanos (MoE)
14:00 Open exchange on presentation Plenary
14:30 Break
15:00 ​Educational Prosperity: Contextual Data to Meet the Challenges of Diversity in International Assessments Presentation by Robert Laurie (U of New Brunswick)
15:30 Open exchange on presentation Plenary
16:00 End of day
7-July 09:00 Linguistic quality assurance Presentation by Steve Dept (cApStAn) H404
09:30 Open exchange on presentation Plenary
10:00 Assessing reading across languages and scripts, European and otherwise: some lessons learnt Manuel Cardoso (UNICEF) via video-link
10:30 Break
11:00 Open exchange on presentation Plenary
11:30 Using real-life or fictional items: some potential issues. Presentation by Julián Mariño (U de los Andes)
12:00 Open exchange on presentation Plenary
12:30 Break (lunch)
13:30 Summarising the debates Plenary led by César Guadalupe
14:00 Closing session César Guadalupe and Camilla Addey
14:30 End of day

Contact: Cesar Guadalupe, Lecturer/Researcher, Head of the Department of Social and Political Sciences, Universidad del Pacífico.; or Ms Roxana Castilla, Assistant to