Research Notes

The Laboratory of International Assessment Studies is interested in constructive enquiry and research on the potentials, practices and politics of international assessments.  This emergent field of International Assessment Studies (IAS) implies new forms of research methodologies and new forms of collaboration amongst academic researchers, testing agencies and the end-users of assessment data. The Lab research agenda is built around the investigation of the following broad and interdisciplinary questions:

  • What can be learned about and from global practices of international educational assessment and numerical comparison?
  • How can policy makers and the public make the best use of international large-scale assessment data?
  • How do international assessments influence processes of educational governance, policy making and democratic accountability?
  • What are the potentials for innovation, such as those associated with computer based testing and educational big data?

Through seminars, collaborations and publications, the Lab has been bringing together international scholars investigating these issues. The Lab has been providing opportunities to scholars in the field to showcase their research and to engage in conversation and collaboration with others in the field.

The Lab showcases ILSA-related research projects on the website under Featured Research. Please get in touch if you would like the Lab to publish a description of your research.  We especially welcome contributions from doctoral researchers,  and research experience from the global south.