June 2017

The Lab Interview Series features interviews with the Lab Expert Advisors and other internationally recognised experts working in education and assessment. The Lab is committed to providing a forum for dialogue across diverse perspectives on international large-scale assessment and does not necessarily endorse the positions taken by interviewees.   Laureate Professor John Hattie is Director of the Melbourne Graduate School of […]

By Camilla Addey, Humboldt University in Berlin This blog draws on the recently published forum paper Addey, C., Sellar S., Steiner-Khamsi G., Lingard B. & Verger A. (2017): The rise of international large-scale assessments and rationales for participation, Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, DOI: 10.1080/03057925.2017.1301399   At a glance, it would seem that […]

By Professor David Rutkowski and Professor Leslie Rutkowski,  University of Oslo   In this Featured Research Project blog post, David and Leslie Rutkowski discuss their Embracing Heterogeneity project, which is based at the University of Oslo. You can learn more about their project, team members, partner members and work at https://embracingheterogeneity.com/   Over a 60 year history, […]