National Assessments in the Age of Global Metrics International Symposium

National Assessments in the Age of Global Metrics International Symposium

This year’s Lab International Symposium is convened by Dr Radhika Gorur and hosted by Deakin University and its Education Governance and Policy program of REDI, in Melbourne, Australia.  The symposium will take place on 4th and 5th December 2017 at Deakin University. Although the symposium participants’ list is now full, you are welcome watch it live (see links for streaming below) and participate by Twitter or email. This International Symposium on ‘National Assessments in the Age of Global Metrics’ will bring together scholars and practitioners from around the world to examine models of national assessments and explore how they are affecting the policy discourse and the practices of education in different parts of the world.

The growing interest in changes in national assessments relates to the considerable influence that international large-scale assessments (ILSAs) have been exerting on national education policies globally over the last two decades. Notable among these influences is the rise of national assessments of various kinds. More emphasis on national testing and monitoring is advocated on the grounds of transparency and accountability, and as a way of monitoring the ‘state of the nation’ in education outcomes. Regular national testing is seen as a way of gathering useful data about student learning to improve teaching. How are national and sub-national assessments evolving in the age of global metrics? What is the relationship between national assessments and ILSAs? What effects are they having? What can we learn from the experiences over the past couple of decades?

Bringing together philosophers, sociologists, psychometricians, policymakers, officials from testing agencies and NGOs, and education and assessment experts, this symposium will engage with critical policy issues that have deep implications for learners, teachers, schools and education globally. The speakers of this event are internationally recognised experts including Ray Adams, Sara Ruto, Anil Kanjee, Sue Thompson, Hans Wagemaker, Sam Sellar, Barry McGaw and Keita Takayama.

International Symposium booklet including programme, speaker biographies and links to live streaming:  National Assessments in the Age of Global Metrics Booklet

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