The Laboratory of International Assessment Studies holds an international symposium every year. These offer participants the opportunity to engage with scholars, testing agencies, international organisations, and the users of data to engage in in-depth conversations on the politics, practices and potentials of International Large-Scale Assessments (ILSAs).  These events are supported by research funding agencies and the host universities. The events are by invitation only and bring together approximately 30 to 50 participants.

Upcoming International Symposiums

  • Global education policy in evolving network societies. Lab International Symposium 2019. This international symposium will take place at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. This symposium will provide an opportunity to (a) take stock of different perspectives on a range of network theories and methdologies that have been taken up in education and (b) consider promising lines of theoretical and methodological development that lead towrds ‘a critical or poetic language in which to represent the control society’ (Galloway 2011: 99). To be held at the Manchester Metropolitan University on Monday 9 September 2019. Convened by Sam Sellar. 
  • Ethics and Large-Scale AssessmentsLab International Symposium 2020. This international symposium will take place at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (UK). This symposium will explore the ethics of designing, conducting and participating in large-scale assessments and the uses of assessment data. It will also consider issues such as informed consent, privacy (including compliance with new regulatory frameworks), risks to participants, collecting process data, data mining and commercial exploitation of data. Dates to be confirmed. Convened by Bryan Maddox.
  • The Global Assessment Industry. Lab International Symposium 2021. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. Co-Supported by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Manchester Metropolitan University. Dates to be confirmed. Convened by Antoni Verger, Sam Sellar and Camilla Addey.